Amco® Boot Dip Mats / Boot Wash sanitising Mats for food processing areas have hundreds of bristles, ensuring the boot dip mat will provide a powerful scrub in removing any hardened foreign matter from the base of footwear.

Raised walls on the boot dip sanitising mat hold 20 Litres of anti-bacterial sanitising liquid. However beware when filling to the top, its best to fill to within 20mm from the top or you will get lots of splash and spill quickly depleting your supplies of sanitising fluid. Filling to within 20mm from the top will leave you with approx 13 Litres of sanitising fluid in the mat. Used in entryways to processing sites these boot dip mats are very hygienic and aid in stopping unwanted bacteria’s. The raised edges on the boot dip mats are also coloured yellow for high visibility.

A cross grip on underside of mat rear holds the boot dip mats firmly to the floor. Worried about black marks getting left on the floor, it happens with cheap rubber imitations, its a problem, we hear it all the time. Amco shoe sanitising mats wont leave black marks on your factory floor.

Measurements of Amco sanitizing boot dip mats are 980mm x 810mm x 48mm. Beware in thinking that one sanitising boot dip mat will do the job, when things get busy and lots of things are happening people forget to stop and dip their boots in the sanitising fluid often resulting in only one boot being sanitised. This results in the purchasing of another sanitising boot dip mat, be sure its what you are after and place the total of 2 boot dip mats in the best strategic position to get the desired result to maintain a better sanitising effect.

Our entryway sanitising boot dip mats are very popular with a wide range of clients in food processing and catering industry. For a slimmer version of sanitising disinfectant mats please click here

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  • Holds 20 litres of sanitising fluid. However beware of the splash and spill swish.
  • Fits most doorways.
  • Yellow edges for high visibility.
  • Hundreds of rubber fingers encourage boot cleaning and thorough contact of sanitising fluid.
  • Wont leave black marks like cheaper quality mats

Stock Sizes

  • 980mm x 810mm x 48mm