HACCP Endorsed Mat with Powerful Rare Earth Magnetism Stops Ferrous Metals being walked into sensitive production areas. Avoid Food Product Recalls – Metal Fragment Transfer Control Solution. Minimize transfer of shavings and metal fragments from workshops or site work areas! MAGNATTACK™ Global’s powerful magnetic mat is designed to increase metal fragment transfer control and increase food safety by controlling ferrous metal fragments being walked into sensitive food, beverage and meat production areas. The magnetic mat design is often used at the entry into production areas from workshops, outdoor areas and construction zones on site. The MAGNATTACK™ magnetic mat comes with certified strength and international food safety endorsements. The anti-Soiling mat system is easily installed, easily maintained and easily cleaned. The magnetics collected on Heavy Duty Entrance mat style mat can easily be collected and analyzed by QA departments.


  • Rare Earth Magnetic Separation Technology.
  • Powerful control of ferrous metals being walked into sensitive production areas.
  • Place at exit of workshops into laboratory and food processing and production areas
  • Commercial Entrance Matting grade top instantly De-Magnetised for quick cleaning.