Reversible Anti-slip mat for Food Production & Industrial areas with aggressive multi-directional cleats.

The MultiMat – safety mat is your one-stop-shop for a slim profile and a sure-fine way to cut slippage. Built exclusively for anti-slip purposes, it’s not called the MultiMat for nothing. The pictures below show you the multitude of rubber cleats that the mat is named after, which give you the best anti-slip mat in your industry.

It’s these raised rubber cleats that also make this mat the best anti-slip solution to any areas where you have icy, wet conditions. The ice forms after the moisture has drained through the holes the mat, leaving the raised anti-slip cleats cleats exposed and thereby reducing nasty slips, trips and falls. Arguably the best Non Slip Mat dollar for dollar around that money can buy

It’s not only these properties that make this mat the most viable solution on the market for making those slippery floors safe – it’s also double sided – meaning you have two non slip mats for the price of one! When one side wears out, simply turn it over and there you go again.

It’s a versatile product, our friend the Multi Mat, currently being used on slippery verandas & patios, cool room floors, and even in runners for anti-slip protection on slippery inclines.


  • High quality reversible matting.
  • Aggressive anti-slip cleats top and bottom with drainage holes.
  • excellent solution fix for slippery freezer rooms floors, walkways and industrial wash rooms.

Stock Sizes

  • 1500 x 900mm
  • 900mm x 10m roll
  • Cut to any length up to 10M long