A lot of industrial anti slip mats / non slip mats are only natural rubber or a 50 / 50 blend of natural rubber and Nitrile. Nitrile anti slip mats / non slip mats are proof against grease and oils and last years over against natural rubber blends. Whether you need the best anti slip mats, floor mats or specialized anti fatigue kitchen floor mats, Amco has proven quality products you need to stay ahead of the pack. Our tough, Resilient Anti-Fatigue / Anti-Slip Safer mat is Proof to all Vegetable & Animals Fats, Workshop Grease and Oils. Trying to fix that slippery floor near the oven? with fat and oil on the floor? Want to stop the fat and oil from running through the holes and avoid making the floor slippery underneath? This anti slip mat / non slip mat is available with and with out holes. If you are getting lots of oil or fat dripping on the floor it is best to use this kitchen mat without holes. If the fat gets through the mat onto the floor underneath it creates the same slippery kitchen floor scenario all over again.Let the fat and oil sit in the lower valley profile of the mat and your feet walk on the raised section, this addresses the slippery floor problem and contains oil and fat from being walked through the restaurant kitchen floor. There are great solutions for slippery kitchen floors with this Safer mat,

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  • Excellent non slip mat performance in greasy and oily applications.
  • Great for Food preparation areas, Industrial Kitchens and Workshops
  • Available with and without holes.
  • Superior anti slip mat grip on slippery floors where other mats move.
  • Medium weight and easy to clean.
  • Height 10mm.
  • Weight 8kg.
  • Colours Available: Black only – Red colour shows up stains and oil marks – downgrading the appearance & aesthetics of the area. Black mat covers most stains and oil marks for years, Black is by far the best colour for industry.

Sizes Available

  • 1500 x 900mm
  • 2800 x 900mm
  • Special sizes runners available on request