Durable ribbed vinyl surface mat with resilient sponge base where hard wearing is required in heavy traffic areas. The smart looking anti-fatigue mat with aesthetics that suits all corporate retail industries in need of anti – fatigue matting for key personnel.  The anti fatigue Kleensweep mat has been very popular with Chemists and Pharmacies. This safety mat is very hard wearing and we have customers still using the original mats sold to them 10 years earlier. Often sold into compounding areas and behind the retail counter in small to large corporate pharmacy chain groups. Any spilt materials used in the compounding or retail areas fall into the grooves which stop the product from being transferred by footwear throughout the shift, and ensure the mat retains its anti-slip properties. Once the day over is simply lift the mat from both sides and walk to the closest bin and shake the loose waste off with ease. A quick wipe over and the Kleensweep fatigue mat will look like new, ready for another good days work. Discover how this fatigue mat can help retain your best young and elderly employees by providing them with a good healthy safe work environment. Great anti-fatigue mat for use in dry areas for high wear due to its abrasion resistant vinyl composition similar to industrial vinyl flooring found in current day schools and hospital environments.


  • Very Popular mat with excellent anti-fatigue properties
  • Looks smart and aesthetically pleasing
  • For use in dry areas
  • Durable ribbed vinyl surface bonded to a nitri-cell sponge base.
  • Good resistance to many chemicals and solvents.
  • Easy to maintain in heavy use areas.
  • 13mm High


  • Black
  • Black with Yellow edges

Stock Sizes

  • 600 x 900mm
  • 900 x 1500mm
  • 600mm x 22.8 Metres
  • 900mm x 22.8 Metres
  • 1200mm x 22.8 Metres
  • All custom lengths bevelled on all 4 sides