Ever knelt down to work on machinery or service a workshop machine and ended up with a tek screw or small bolt poking up in between your knee cap and socket. Oh for that kneeling mat. its painful to say the least. Go the extra and use a industrial grade kneeling mat and make life comfortable for everyone.  Orthomaster® Kneeling mats reduce knee trauma and lower back stress for Tradesman’s & Technicians. Now available  with a convenient carrying and storage holder.

Looking for a high quality prayer mat to use while at work. This mat can be easily cleaned and is light enough small enough to hang of a belt clip through the day while not being used.



  • A must for all service technicians.
  • Orthopaedic kneeling mats.
  • Oil and grease proof.
  • Excellent for tradesman’s knees.
  • Handy hole for carrying or hanging on workshop bench.
  • Avoid kneeling on screws and bolts.
  • All 4 sides have bevelled edges.

Stock Sizes

  • 440 x 330 x 18mm – approx half the length as mat shown in pictures.