The Swarf Mat #8000…When tough is not enough..

Amco’s 100% Premium Nitrile Swarf Mat #8000 is the toughest mat on the market for all workshop environments.

Its proven to be tough and robust in all environments, so throw what you can at it. The swarf mat will take it all, and then some. While standard rubber mats can be cut to shreds with swarf, the Swarf Mat #8000 will stay as strong and robust as the day you got it.

Swarf from drill presses, lathes and other heavy machinery in workshops will cause serious lasting damage to any other mat, but not to Amco’s own Swarf Mat. Available with or without holes for your specific workshop needs, we can deliver a Swarf Mat that is tougher, rougher and more robust than anything on the market, to handle what even YOU can throw at it.

Its grease proof, oil proof, petroleum proof and swarf proof. Its the ultimate Swarf Mat.

Made with 100% premium nitrile, it’s the Swarf Mat #8000, only from Amco.

Get your Swarf Mat #8000 today. Where tough meets a whole new level.



  • Excellent performance in greasy and oily applications.
  • Great for Industrial Kitchens and Workshops with high exposure to grease and oils
  • Options – Available with and without holes.
  • Superior grip on slippery floors where other mats move.
  • Medium weight and easy to clean.
  • Height 10mm.
  • Weight (1500 x 900mm)  size 8kg.
  • Colours Available: Black only (red mat  looked very grubby after 6 months of use) Black colour covers most workshop and oily marks and looks much the same colour in 4-5 years time.

Sizes Available

  • 1500 x 900mm
  • 2800 x 900mm
  • Special sizes available on request