The Tred Eze rubber interlocking mats come in a range of styles with extra ramp options. The anti fatigue rubber mats come in a solid rubber version or interlocking sections with holes in them for drainage in wet areas. Nut uncommon for use as a kitchen anti-fatigue mats for around high traffic and wet areas. Also available in nitrile options which allows it to be used in kitchens where grease and oils are present. Great multi purpose interlocking rubber mats with options on ramp colours of red, black and yellow. The colour yellow being the preferred colour used by industry where interlocking rubber mats are used. A very affordable anti fatigue all purpose kitchen mat, it remains unaffected by any grease and oil that may be dropped on it. If you choose the option to have holes through the mat, this allows any spills or liquids to fall through the holes and not be trodden on by workers during the shift. if the liquids don’t fall through they have the potential of being picked up underfoot and being spread across the working floor wear OH&S issues are always at stake.



  • Specially formulated to bear the impact of body movement and heavy gym equipment.
  • Moulded hidden interlocking system that will not pull apart while in use.
  • Standard Black recommended for non-greasy areas & NBR Red blends for greasy areas.
  • Available with holes for drainage in wet areas.

Stock Sizes

  • 915mm x 915mm
  • Ramp accessories 915mm long