One of the best kitchen anti fatigue mats money can buy. Premium anti-fatigue & fire retardant formula produces a great anti-Fatigue mat with good Anti-slip mat and non slip mat properties for use in wet and dry areas. This rubber floor matting comes with years of proven results. Found in many areas where rubber workshop matting is required for use as kitchen floor mats or non slip mats. Available in 2 different formulas. One being a natural rubber and the other with a nitrile blend adding value and  giving the mat years of good resistance in greasy and oily areas. The nitrile adds value and performance to the best kitchen anti fatigue mats money can buy. This rubber anti fatigue matting and is guaranteed to give results in all factories where constant standing is performed for hours on end. This anti-fatigue mat come with holes for added drainage if used in wet areas as kitchen matting. This mat is manufactured from Premium rubber formula which does not go hard as often seen in cheaper valued rubber floor mats. Proven results make this mat the most comfortable rubber anti-fatigue mat made from genuine natural rubber. Being manufactured from natural rubber lends the formula to being welded into custom sizes and any length. Its properties present a huge range of flexibility in different configurations in the workplace.


  • Quality mat with exceptional anti-fatigue and anti-slip properties.
  • Available in grease resistant or natural rubber formulas (please speak to our matting consultants).
  • Truly an exceptional mat for those requiring anti-fatigue in wet areas.
  • Bevelled on all four sides to reduce trip hazards.
  • Rubber Floor Mat with a formula that will not harden over time.

Stock Sizes

  • 1500 x 900mm
  • 3000 x 900mm
  • 4M – 20m x 900mm wide
  • Custom sizes available on request.