Medistep® anti-fatigue insoles are of the most comfortable and softest insoles available. Medistep™ anti-fatigue insoles are super soft and provide more shock absorbing properties than any other insoles without a prescription.

Sometimes there is confusion on insoles, as people often confuse anti-fatigue properties with orthotic heel and arch supports of which there are plenty available on the market. Some of these heel and arch supports are made from different thermoplastics and EVA products which are lesser value as their expansion and contraction compression rate is very low and often calls for a particular insert in the heel area to help out on a compromise, see Pictures A & B.


EVA anti-fatigue insole with poron insert
EVA anti-fatigue insole with poron insert

Hi Will,

I gave the Medistep inner soles to one of my workers and she says they are great, as she is on her feet most of the day they make a huge difference to how her feet feel after a long day.

We are more than happy with the products you supplied us and I am happy to recommend them to any potential customers of yours.



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Medistep® insoles are manufactured with medical grade silicone and have additional cushioning features in blue with softer silicone increasing the comfort and shock absorbing capacity in high impact areas on the foot. These insoles are not arch supports – However they have mild curves in the arch and heel area to improve the overall experience. Anti-Fatigue insoles absorb impact on feet, ankles, hip joints and spine while walking or standing.

Perforated holes to promote breathing and airflow through to the shoe.

Cleaning – Can be washed in cold soapy water as often as necessary


Sizes Available

S – suits shoe size, Ladies 4-5

M – suits shoe size, Men’s 5-6, Ladies 6-7

L – suits shoe size, Men’s 7-8, Ladies 8-9

XL- suits shoe size, Men’s 9-10, Ladies 10-11