SAVE on the traditional costs of boarding up broken windows. AVOID nails and screws damaging window frames. SAVE on OHŠ issues with dangerous shards of glass and heights. AVOID expensive emergency call-out fees. Every company knows that improving efficiency is key to maximising profits – the quicker a job can be completed – the faster facilities maintenance personnel can move on to the next project, whilst avoiding excessive call out fees. One sector that can especially benefit from and enhance their performance is the property maintenance sector. Maxam175 window repair films has so many performance features you cant really find a justifiable objection why you shouldn’t have a roll on hand.

Easy to apply, Cut to size, peel back the paper and confirm adhesive contact with a cloth. Discover the benefits of immediately being safe and weatherproof. The frame is not damaged in any way and you get full natural daylight too. When you come to re-glaze, the old glass comes out all together, and firmly attached to the glass repair film.

Being one third the tensile strength of steel, it’s incredibly strong and is awarded top impact resistance standard BS12600 1B1, your guarantee of highest security.

Maxam175 is very robust and almost invisible, making it a very effective alternative to steel sheets and plywood on void properties, creating a safe and aesthetically pleasing environment. It is also a preferred method of permanently stabilizing weak or vulnerable glass, saving costly replacement.

It is successfully used every year on around half a million broken windows; can you afford not to rely on it too?

Click here for video See how easy it is to use.


Maxam175® glass repair Film

  • Repair broken windows in seconds with Maxam175.
  • Let the glazier come when it suits you.
  • Easy! just measure, cut to size, apply – job done!
  • Safe, clear, strong and secure.
  • 100% money back guarantee.

Boarding up broken windows

  • Looks terrible
  • Darkens rooms
  • Is noisy and disruptive
  • Costs you money

Test Report

I am very impressed to date, especially with the ease of use for an immediate “make safe” attendance and the long term adhesion of the film to all surfaces until permanent glass replacement can be arranged. We also had a significant storm hit the site on 18 November which resulted in a couple of smashed glass doors due to being caught by the 100km/hr wind gusts, and within 30 minutes of being on-site, we had made safe both doors in preparation for a glazier to attend the following business day. It certainly made our response time as part of the initial site attendance and temporary fix so much quicker.
We will certainly be ordering more when required.”
– S.B., Facility Manager, Honeywell Building Solutions, 14 December 2017