Enjoy the expensive architectural look at a fraction of the price of Aluminium commercial door mats. Can be cut to any shape and size making this a quick no fuss mat for using in door wells or specially designed entrance or porch areas which incur heavy traffic.

The spacing’s between the PVC ribs allows large debris, sand and snow to fall through preventing it from going further into your reception area and offices. The quality carpet top inserts scrape the wet grime off the bottom of shoes and effectively reduce cleaning costs associated with quality corporate office carpet. Well placed commercial entrance mats will aid in keeping all the mud, moisture and grime outside where it belongs. One thing to consider when purchasing commercial entrance mats is the safety of your potential clients as they walk in and out of your premises. The safety aspect when purchasing commercial door mats is that they are not higher than the floor around them as it raises the potential of a trip hazard. In areas of heavy traffic it is far more practical to have commercial entrance mats the same level as the floor due to the hustle and bustle of traffic, especially seen at domestic and international airports. If you can take care of the moisture and grime at the doorway entrance mat it will certainly decrease the costs often associated with facility cleaning etc.

This Duratred Premium commercial entrance mat can take care of any excess mud and will let is pass through the PVC runners onto the floor beneath, further extending the time between cleaning. Installing this type of door mat is very easy if the recess in the floor is equally square, some times the recess inst square and a little extra labour is required for fitting. If this is the case you will need to order the entrance mat a little longer on 2 sides and the use of a stanley knife will ensure a nice quick easy fit.



  • Very flexible and will follow uneven contours associated with concrete flooring.
  • Very easy to remove and clean
  • Excellent cost effective way of removing sand, snow and debris from shoes
  • Can be cut to any shape or size for total customer satisfaction


  • Long Life hardwearing PVC construction
  • Heavy duty polypropylene insert.
  • Available in a range of polypropylene inserts styles
  • Great spacings between the PVC construction for debris fallout



  • Any length up to 12 Metres in length
  • Any width up to 1200mm wide – multiple widths used in large porch type areas
  • Height 14-15mm