The Multi-Guard #220 door mat is a heavy duty and reliable commercial door mat. Designed specifically with hundreds of flexible rubber fingers, capable of extruding up and into the base of the shoes and removing any unwanted grime, gravel and lawn clippings. This commercial design creates a strong barrier, stopping dirt, mud and dust, and is very easily cleaned once its job is done. This mat also includes non-slip grooves on the base, and beveled edges for safety. Please bear in mind, our MultiGuard #220 rubber mats have Conical rubber fingers, these are more effective than the cylinder type fingers being that they are able to clean out mud in soles of boots and shoes more effectively. Cleaning is done by turning the mat upside down, give a 2 second shake and 100% removal of debris. Cylinder rubber finger cylinders do not clean effectively  as the debris becomes jammed and requires more work to release. Commonly used as low profile sanitising disinfectant mats, All sizes hold a considerable amount of sanitising fluid.

Preferred Vendor for NSW Schools, Tafes & Corporate Services

Preferred Vendor for all QLD State Schools

Preferred Vendor for SA Dept Education Schools


  • Excellent barrier mat for mud, snow, dirt, gravel, sand and lawn clippings.
  • Now moulded with the All New Conical rubber fingers to allow instant release of dirt and mud with ease.
  • Has the best and longest lasting rubber fingers in the commercial/ Industrial range that will not snap of prematurely.
  • A pleasure to clean – quick and easy, simply shake or hose out.
  • Anti-trip bevelled edge aids dirt & water retention.

Stock Sizes

  • 600 x 800mm
  • 800 x 1000mm
  • 900 x 1800mm
  • Can be cut to size for recessed areas