The Polyrib #500 is a durable door mat that contains polypropylene fibres that will not fade or rot. The Polyrib #500 is designed to enhance any entrance way whilst stopping dirt and moisture at the doorway before they soil your carpets.


  • Flexible vinyl backing.
  • Efficiently removes dirt, sand and moisture from footwear.
  • Easily cleaned by sweeping, vacuuming or hosing, dries quickly.
  • Durable Polypropylene will not fade, rot or stain.

Stock Sizes

  • 60cm x 90cm
  • 90cm x 1.5m
  • 1.2m x 1.8m
  • 90cm wide by any length
  • 1.2m wide by any length
  • 1.8m wide by any length
  • 90cm x 18.2m (standard roll)
  • 1.2m x 18.2m (standard roll)
  • 1.8m x 18.2m (standard roll)