Exterior & Internal Non Slip Stair Treads & Platforms

The Australian Matting Company (Amco) is an industry-leading supplier of exterior anti slip stair nosing in Australia & New Zealand.

Amco supply a large range of external anti slip stair treads through all industry. Anti slip nosings and stair treads being a very important safety feature when used in marine, mining and heavy industry. Our steel and aluminum non slip stair treads and anti-slip plates guard against slips, trips and falls and are wear-resistant to ensure longevity. Our extensive product range gives us the advantage to resolve any issues for any situation – including stairs with very slippery worn chequer plate nosings, worn slippery ladder rungs, slippery walkways, grating, and other platform types. We’re proud to boast products that offer world-leading aggregate hardness and density – as well as corrosion resistance. To you, that means peace of mind knowing your exterior anti-slip stair nosings offer total reliability and peace of mind for decades to come. Thanks to our team of knowledgeable industry consultants, you’ll get a recommendation to suit your exact needs – from someone who speaks your language.

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  • U-TRED® Anti Slip Stair Nosing

    stair tread nosing

    The release of the U-TRED® is currently saving Industry thousands of dollars often associated with installation and maintenance up-keep of conventional stair treads. This World First Step Definition System installs in seconds on open grid type steps.

  • Lion Plate – Non Slip Stair Treads

    stair nosing

    Punched Galvanised Plating, incorporating Multi Directional anti-slip surface protection, guarding against Slips, Trips and Falls on your Steps and Platforms.

  • GRIPMASTER – Non Slip Stair Treads – Anti Slip Stair Nosings & Bull nosings

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    Gripmaster Anti-slip Stair Treads & Ladder Rungs Covers are recognized as the best in the world. No other product can attain the same level of Aggregate Hardness and Density to maximize resistance to wear.

  • FRP Grating and Stair Treads

    stair edge nosing

    Fibreglass Grating for Walkways and Platforms in Environments that have High Susceptibility to Corrosion.