Why do some people call it FRP Grating and others say its Fibreglass? Don’t be fooled FRP grating and fibreglass grating are the same thing. FRP stands for Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic. Some may even venture to say their product is some space age flexible and stronger formula. The facts are, any products or materials using glass fibre strands, glass cloth or tape and held together with resins, either polyester, vinylester isophthalic are all composites. Manufactured with the inclusion of self extinguishing fire retardant resins the anti slip surface integrated with quartz silica granules will provide years of anti slip surface. FRP Grating and Stair Treads are strong and long lasting anti-slip stair treads. FRP Grating has excellent resistance to a vast range of Corrosive Chemicals, which makes it an ideal product for use in environments where Rust, Saline and Acids are prevalent. Made of Reinforced Fibreglass Plastic it’s incredible strength makes it a first choice for Access Walkways in Heavy Industry including Mining, Refineries & Marine environments. FRP Grating will still be there decades later when most other anti slip stair tread materials will need to be replaced. This feature alone is a huge labour cost saving when replacing older type conventional anti slip stair treads. To maximise these features and advantages its best get the structure engineered or designed with the use of anti slip fibreglass grating in mind. Fibreglass grating and stair treads are  strong and highly durable products used for non-slip stair nosings and platforms in slippery and corrosive environments. Structural FRP has the strength of steel but only a fraction of the weight. This is a good advantage when weight of material is an issue. These Non Slip Treads can be cut into all types of custom sizes to fit all types of anti slip stair tread specifications. The leading edge of steps can be made to stand out using a separate colour to help differentiate the edge of the steps when moving down any access steps

yellow stair tread nosings yellow stair tread nosing green stair tread nosings green stair tread nosing   Fibreglass stepFibreglass Reinforced Plastic Step Tread 


  • Fiberglass reinforced plastic.
  • One piece construction increases load bearing capabilities.
  • Outstanding resistance to arduous corrosive environments.
  • Non Conductive which make this product ideal for Electrical Environments.
  • Excellent resistance to Ignition under exposure to extreme heat and impact.
  • Used in wide varieties of industries where rust and corrosion are a problem.


  • Simple to install for walkways & overhead platforms.
  • Very cost effective when considering low maintenance and long service life.
  • Light, Easy to manage and exceeds the strength of steel.
  • Excellent resistance to Ignition under exposure to extreme heat and impact.

Stock Sizes

  • Custom sizes our speciality

Colours Available

  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Grey