Our Gripmaster Steel exterior Anti-slip stair nosings are recognised as the best in the world in all mining, marine and ares of heavy infrastructure. No other non slip stair tread product can attain the same level of aggregate hardness and density to maximize resistance to wear. Available for any Steps, Ladder Rungs & Platforms in any Sizing for all Environments – Mining, Oil Rigs, Abattoirs, Food Manufacturing, Grain Mills and Agriculture. Gripmaster non slip stair nosings come anti-slip stair nosings also known as bull nosings and stair capping. Being designed to cover any worn or slippery steps, increasing stair safety and to aid in preventing any slips trips or falls in the workplace. Gripmaster steel anti slip stair treads come in an unlimited range of sizes. Usually if special lengths are required we are limited to the standard lengths and widths of steel sheets. 1800mm being the longest one piece length. If choosing to purchase an exterior anti slip stair nosing, bull nosings or stair capping this long please bear in mind that when screwed down onto any uneven surface it will cause undue stress and pressure and may be the cause of premature delamination of resins. If the surface is uneven its best to s crew the entire length in 2 or 3 seperate pieces. In the event you are using Gripmaster nosings in an area that is washed down daily, the best way to secure anti slip plates onto chequer plate is to use a flexible adhesive, Sikaflex 291 or a Sabrebond adhesive, both equally impressive adhesives for marine environments. Using adhesive to install also floats the stair nosing and creates a foundation that wont leave any lasting twist or stress on the stairnosing. Correct use of adhesives will result in a water tight install keeping out any moisture from finding its way underneath between the parent stair tread and the external anti slip stair nosing. Stainless steel has an increased thermal expansion and contraction of up to 20% more than standard mild steel. If choosing to use Stainless steel in areas of hot wash areas its always best ask for the 10 year warranty grade which includes extra labour and materials

gripmaster-grip-master-step-treads-stair-treads-safety-aluminium-s03h gripmaster-grip-master-step-treads-stair-treads-safety-aluminium-march1
gripmaster-grip-master-step-treads-stair-treads-safety-aluminium-march2 gripmaster-grip-master-step-treads-stair-treads-safety-aluminium-march3
gripmaster-grip-master-step-treads-stair-treads-safety-aluminium-march4 gripmaster-grip-master-step-treads-stair-treads-safety-aluminium-s03
gripmaster-grip-master-step-treads-stair-treads-safety-aluminium-s03b gripmaster-grip-master-step-treads-stair-treads-safety-aluminium-s03c gripmaster-grip-master-step-treads-stair-treads-safety-aluminium-s03d gripmaster-grip-master-step-treads-stair-treads-safety-aluminium-s03e gripmaster-grip-master-step-treads-stair-treads-safety-aluminium-s03f gripmaster-grip-master-step-treads-stair-treads-safety-aluminium-s03g


  non-slip stair tread

non-slip safety stair tread

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  • Bull nosings available in 3 grades.
  • 1.2mm steel foundation to avoid excessive flexing which can contribute to delamination.
  • 10 Year Warranty grade, warrants against delamination, chemical attack, wear & corrosion when in normal use.
  • Corrosion Resistant Colour bond with self repairing zinc coating.
  • Resistant to prolonged exposure to most chemicals & solvents.
  • Available in 316 Grade Stainless Steel and aluminium.
  • Economical options available in 3 year and 12 month warranty grades.
  • Stair cappings vailable in different colour options.


  • Excellent exterior Industrial Grade Step Definition
  • Premium Industrial Grade Anti-Slip properties
  • Conforms to OH&S regulations in slippery areas


  • High grade silica carbide is extremely sharp and will not wear under normal conditions.


  • Over 12 standard size Ladder Rung Covers also known as stair cappings
  • Over 60 standard size Stair Nosing Products, including all profiles of bull nosings
  • Custom Sizes Our Speciality