Lion Plate is Punched Galvanized Sheeting manufactured into Non slip stair treads and any size bull nosings on request, incorporating Multi Directional anti-slip surface protection, guarding against Slips, Trips and Falls on your Steps and Platforms.The Lion Plate bull nosings was developed in early 2000 when a major abattoir was using the what you call standard perf sheet in stainless steel for an anti-slip platform. By the time you mixed a bit of fat and offal here and there on the bottom of the workers boots the standard perforated sheet was pretty much the local skate rink.The request was the platform had to have better anti slip properties than the standard perforated sheet and FRP wasn’t allowed to be used due the chipping that would take place. The anti slip Lion Plate was designed for this purpose and has been used in many areas in industry since its inception. Lion Plate being very popular with the ease of change out when the raised star becomes worn after a few years continual use, especially in the mining industry. Commonly made into anti slip stair treads, anti slip stair nosings, also known as bull nosings for all types of industry, from mining & food processing, Anti slip treads also known as stair cappings for the marine environment need to specify stainless steel for longevity. For any non slip stair treads other than the marine environment,galvabond has been the preferred choice. Lion Plate anti slip stair treads can be manufactured with and with out small drainage holes for wet and dry areas found in mining wet plants and washeries. Drainage holes in anti slip stair nosings, stair cappings are ideal in washdown areas in food processing in and around abbattoirs. Make your own non slip stair treads? Can be made into any full size sheets and cut and bent on site for any custom jobs that present themselves in the maintenance department. As the Lion Plate name suggests, Super Aggressive bull nosing with lots of bite in all directions.

lion plate platform punched galvanised plating lion-plate-steel-stair-treads-nosings-treads-amco-steel-sheet-03t lion-plate-steel-stair-treads-nosings-treads-amco-steel-sheet-04t

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  • Aggressive Industrial Grip for tough working conditions
  • Cut and bent to size to match structural design drawings
  • 2mm plate for extra support and strength
  • Will not delaminate or chip away under aggressive use


  • Galvanised for long life protection
  • Extremely competitive service
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Tek screw or weld onto existing platforms or structure

Standard Non slip stair tread sizing

  • 870 x 310 x 25mm lip
  • 870 x 210 x 25mm lip
  • * Preferred custom widths are 570 and 870mm wide

Full sheet sizes

  • 915 x 1830 x 2mm
  • 915 x 2440 x 2mm
  • 1220 x 1830 x 2mm
  • 1220 x 2440 x 2mm
  • * All Sizes Available in Galvanized or Stainless Steel