50mm U-Tred Anti-Slip NosingThe U-TRED® anti slip stair nosing exported around the globe is innovative new creation leaving the older style bull nosings in its wake.U-Tred installs in Seconds onto  open grid type steps used in the Mining, Construction and Agricultural Industries. Free Oar-Gee lures – Promo ends 30th March 2018. your choice of one Free Plow or Oarsome lure per order of 100 box or 250 bucket. The U- TRED®  creates revolutionary Step Definition and features Double action anti-slip profile for a rang of stairways. With no nuts, bolts or fasteners of any kind, your steps are upgraded instantly to proven grip and high visibility with no fuss. U-TRED® is a robust steel anti slip stair nosing product (replacement for bull nosing) galvanised and powder coated Safety Yellow, it will not crack or release hazardous splinters inflicting bodily harm as can occur with Fibreglass Stair nosings. Existing anti-slip products such as Steel Stair Nosings can quickly become ineffective after clogging up… try a U-TRED sample pack today… You will be amazed! Exporting to all global destinations………………..
Proven savings set out below using UTred.

100 x Gripmaster Stairnosings  – 880 x 50 x 20mm = $3200.00

800 x  U-Tred’s to complete the project on hand     = $1760.00

This represent a massive 45% saving on purchasing U-Tred over conventional type stair nosings.

Add 2 saddles = adding another $6.50 per piece

100 Gripmaster Stairnosings – 880 x 50 x 20mm  $3850.00

800 U-Tred’s to complete project on hand  $1760.00

This represents a massive 55% saving on purchasing U-Tred over conventional type stair nosings or commonly otherwise known as bull nosings.

 U-TRED-stair nosing_3053 U-TRED-stair nosing_3051 u-tred-steel-step-treads-stair-treads-safety-treads-aluminium-treads-s01b utred-gladstone04 u-tred-steel-step-treads-stair-treads-safety-treads-aluminium-treads-Penfold-Winery
 U-TRED-stair nosing_3050 IMG_20151020_102122 u-tred-steel-step-treads-stair-treads-safety-treads-aluminium-treads-s01 u-tred-steel-step-treads-stair-treads-safety-treads-aluminium-treads-s01c utred-gladstone03


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  • Fantastic Step Definition with High visibilty
  • Double Action Anti-Slip Cleats
  • 4 Self Locking Barbs to suit 25 x 5 and 32 x 5mm step edges
  • Flared leading edge to enable fast installation
  • Available in Safety Yellow to meet Industry Standards
  • Available in one size 85 x 40mm


  • One size fits all
  • Guaranteed to Revolutionise your maintenance programme
  • Renovate old worn steps in seconds
  • Save thousands of dollars in Inventory costs
  • Save thousands of dollars in Installations costs
  • Suits open type grid steps used in Mining, Construction, Agriculture & Manufacturing Plants

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  • Powder coated Safety Yellow to meet Industry Standards
  • Galvanised for extended wear life against corrosion.
  • Patent No 2012202911
  • Australian Design  12140/2012
  • Canada Design No 148172
  • US Design App 29/435312
  • US Design Patent USD782, 293 S


  • Mining with UTred
  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Any industry using open type grid steps
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U-TRED Video – Courtesy Rio Tinto, Hunter Valley


U-TRED Installation Video




“A slip and fall down a flight of steps or from any mobile plant can have devastating potential consequences, firstly to the injured employee and the business. The ease in which the U-Tred product is installed eg: no drilling and bolting, no lengthy process for Hot Works eg: welding in new steps the U-Tred fits hand in hand with our site hazard observation program.
Step 1. Slippery/worn step is identified.
Step 2. Hazard is documented and recorded.
Step 3. U-Tred installed within minutes.
Thanks, Rod Sutton, Safety Co-Ordinator”

Carter Holt Harvey Woodproducts Australia

Tumut Sawmill Adelong Rd, Tumut NSW 2720