The following are testimonials regarding our U-Tred® product.


23 February 2017
Hi Will
Yes thank you, the non slip stair treads were easy to install and look great, even my customer (who is not the easiest to please) has commented on how good they look.

-J.W. AAF Limited Environmental Systems, Northumberland England.
U-TRED Video – Courtesy Rio Tinto, Hunter Valley

Hello Will, the non slip U-Tred’s worked great.
I processed the payment for 2000 more just now. Could you please create another quote and invoice for me to purchase 2000 more? Thanks Again
Thank You
B. R.

WR Work Control Supervisor NRG Homer City Services Homer City, PA

9 November 2016
I hope you are happy with some of these pics.
I have just been told we have used all of the 5ooo we ordered ,so I would think there will be another order some time.
We are very happy with them so far and would like to see if they last.
Sorry for the delay

A.L Plant Attendant Millmerran Operating Company Pty Ltd

21 October 2016
Awesome product. Really happy with them and will be purchasing additional non slip stair treads in the near future.

P.V Coordinator Safety Systems, Newcrest Mining Limited, PNG

Those U-Tred’s, If they didn’t work we wouldn’t be still buying them. In short they are a bloody good money saver on install and labour time. The first lot have had a bloody big workout and are going great, we will be using them in every possible place we can on site and will be back for more when we run out.

 W.C. Maintenance Supervisor, Forrestania Nickel Mine- Western Areas Ltd.

The UTred product recommended by your company and purchased by Talley’s is an excellent product. It is well made, easy to install and has excellent non slip grip for all the steps in our factory. A lot of the staff have made positive comment, especially where we use large quantities of water during factory wash down, making it safer to use the steps.
I would certainly recommend this to others as an excellent practical and safe way for metal steps. Thank you for your communication and professional attitude. We look forward to your continued support.

P.R. Engineering Manager, Talley's - Blenheim, New Zealand

July 2015, After trialing the UTred product at our Blenheim site we found them easy to fit saving time on installation anti slip protection to stairs and walkways. We found them to be a robust product to use we are now going to implement the U-Tred on all of our sites. We found the product more than stood up to its advertised reputation. Simplicity of design, and ease of fitting, saving time, and added cost benefits to Foley Wines are its Robust construction, safety features, potential lifespan of product in comparison to competitor products.
I would absolutely recommend this non slip stair tread product to any industry with grate stairs. It is the most robust product I have ever encountered, improves health and safety in the workplace. It is very competitively priced, and with the ease of fitting at no additional cost is a winner on all counts.

S.S Production Winemaker, Grove Mill- Foley Family Wines, New Zealand

‘U-Treds’ have revived worn-out tread on grid mesh walkways and have increased the traction of the grid-mesh, which has delayed the need to replace sections of grid mesh passages. The U-Treds are installed easily on-site, and clip directly onto the Grid Mesh. As well as improving traction on the walkways, the U-Treds are painted yellow for high visibility.

- C.E. OH&S Co-ordinator, Muja Power Station, Monadelphous

We are using the U-Tred product at our Lutana Waste Transfer Station site in Tasmania as per the attached photos. The U-Tred is installed in just a few minutes to any of our open grid type steps. The U-Tred is so robust and the safety yellow colour makes it stand out. We will be using the U-Tred at all of our Waste Transfer Station to reduce the risk of slips, trips, and falls.

- A. Southern Waste Solutions

“We installed U-TREDs on our rail crossover, this access way is used frequently daily and has had a positive response from the users on the product installed. We decided to install 2 rows of anti slip U-Tred per step in this instance as a trial run. I believe that maybe one row would suffice. A great savings per tread when we are looking at hundreds.”

- G.W. Project Manager. GrainCorp.

“We trialed these over the last few months and found them to be quicker, easier and better than any anti slip stair tread we’ve used previously!”

- W.R. Maintenance. Santos.

“The U-Tred is a great product that we’ve used nearly exclusively to replace worn non-slip treads around site, the only exception that comes to mind was on a walkway up an incline (conveyor) where there were no treads fitted, and the grid mesh was too narrow in the grids to fit the U-Treds. Aside from that, a great thing.”

- G.C. Maintenance Supervisor. Newmont Mining Corp. Jundee Operation.

“I found them easy to install. I installed 500 odd in about 4 hours. Once into a routine they were a breeze to fit. I installed them onto the treads of Alcoas highest tower, in all 12 flights of treads.Once fitted, 5 clips per tread. The clips – colour make the tread very visual, and once your boot is on the tread clip, totally eliminated the chance of slipping. Down the track we may fit more in high traffic areas. We also fitted a number on our shiploader gangway, also reducing slipping on aluminium steps.”

- David, Alcoa.

“A while ago we had a guy miss a step whilst descending from one of our machines. This ultimately resulted in an LTI and surgery was required.We have installed the non slip U-Tred to all our ladders where we can and found there to be no more incidents of this nature. I would recommend this product to anyone who deals with access and egress concerns.”

- - M.K. Maintenance Safety & Training. Lanfranchi Nickel Mine.

“The simplicity of U-TRED is what is good about it. All you need is a light hammer and away you go. We have installed them at our Crushing circuit which is quite muddy, the anti slip treads still give good grip and they don’t look like ever falling off.”

- G.B. Maintenance Foreman - Consolidated Minerals, Coobina Operations.

“The U-TRED anti slip stair tread products we got are a great improvement as far as ease of installation goes. From personal experience you can actually fit them just using your hand if need be. We got the 75mm from memory which probably was a bit of a mistake as most of our newer grid mesh is 50mm so we are limited where we can fit them but apart from that they are a good product, definitely saves time when fitting and perform the function (non slip) when fitted.”

- L.S. Maintenance Superintendent ( Acting ) – High Grade Plant Maintenance. Tom Price, WA.

“This product has been a valuable addition to our plants with some aging access areas that needed to be repaired. The U-TRED is easy to install and is a neat tidy looking fitting that cleans easily. We have recently purchased more to continue installing them around our plants.”

- G.O. C Crew Fixed Plant Supervisor. Mesa J, Pannawonica.

“I found the U-TRED Anti-Slip stair tread to be an effective solution for the mesh stairways in our washery, the ease of installation greatly reduces the installation time and costs.”

“The feedback I have received from the boys has been excellent. They have made the walkways that we have put them on safe and slip free, which is a very good outcome considering the amount of oil that end up on them.”

- A.B. Permit to Work Officer, Electrolysis, Nyrstar.

“Thanks for your time to show us about U-TRED. They are a great product. The employees install them and say they look neat & tidy.Have installed 1000 at present with more to purchase & install.”

- T.L. Cellar Operations Supervisor and Vintrepreneur, Treasury Wine Estates.

“The boys are impressed with your product, we are using them where other non slip treads have failed or gone missing.”

- C.M. Acting Maintenance Foreman, Ore Treatment Department, Cadia Valley Operations, Newcrest Mining Limited.

“A slip and fall down a flight of steps or from any mobile plant can have devastating potential consequences, firstly to the injured employee and the business. The ease in which the U-TRED product is installed eg No drilling and bolting, no lengthy process for Hot Works e.g. welding in new steps the
U-TRED fits hand in hand with our site hazard observation programme.
Step 1 Slippery/worn step is identified,
Step 2 Hazard is Documented and recorded,
Step 3 U-TRED installed within minutes.”

- R.S. Safety Co-Ordinator, Carter Holt Harvey Woodproducts Australia.

“I have just installed a sample of this product, which is a new Australian design, for open type grid steps used in manufacturing and oil and gas industries in Australia.
I am currently trialling them on the stairs leading down to the blend pit area, and so far, they are fantastic and the blenders are very happy with them. They install in about 5 seconds, and are maintenance free. They don’t appear to clog up like the standard non slip grit type products do.
The Multi Mat matting was installed last week with instant results. We are very happy with the improvements this simple yet effective solution has achieved. Thanks to Dan and the Amco Industries team for supplying such a cost effective solution. “

- N.T. Production Manager, Valvoline Australia Pty Ltd.

“U-TRED was a very quick and efficient way to fix up the walk ways and stairs on our underground plant, prior to discovering the U-TRED we would have had to replace the stairs with new ones which would of stopped our production while we swapped them out.”

- A.K. Longwall Maintenance Engineer, Centennial Coal Mandalong

“I found them very easy to fit and the comments about them has been very positive.”

- K.A. Maintenance Supervisor, Sibelco Australia Limited

“The U-Tred has put grip back into some well worn steps around our mill and has helped reduce slips in this area.”

- P.G. SH & E Manager, Endeavor Operations Pty Ltd

“We have got them on a step and the fitters are very happy with the ease of install and idea behind it.”

- J.S. Health and Safety Manager, Murray Goulburn Co-operative Co. Ltd.

“Here is what we have found so far with this product: Easy installation.  I put these on myself with no disruption to the plant. Less cost than the normal nose cone treads. Does not come loose like the bolt on nose cone tread (we have replaced some loose nose cone tread with the U-Tred clips). The only issue we have had is that some of the step gaps were too small to take the U-Tred clip, after examining the steps we found that it was a fault with the steps not the U-Tred”

- R.J. Carter Holt Harvey Woodproducts Australia.